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Available Animals

We have an impressive fold of Registered Highland Cattle. You can find any of our available cattle below.

We also have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats that we have been working on for years and are very proud of. Our does and buck always throw some flashy kids! Most with blue eyes.

These kids come dewormed and with their CDT vaccinations administered.​ 

Not registered. Not polled or disbudded.

We have feeder piglets for sale year round. Pure Berkshire, Berkshire x Duroc cross and Berkshire x Hereford cross.

Bauer Farms Fancy's Blaze

AHCA Registered Deep Red Bull Calf with beautiful red frosting. This guy is stunning and checks all of he boxes. Stout, square and is a solid example of the grand ole breed. Dam is a beautiful red cow with the coolest silver frosting -Stonehouse Fancy (60957) . His sire is our fold sire LCF Laird Finley (59315). 




We have feeder piglets available year round. We breed pure Berkshire, Duroc x Berk cross and Berk x Hereford cross.

Please message us for availability or for information on future liters. 

Our Duroc sows are registered with the National Swine Registry and are sired by Bank Roll (Bank Roll is the super popular $50,000 top selling Duroc boar at the 2022 National SWTC in Belton, TX.)

Berkshire & Duroc Feeders

Nigerian Dwarf Kids

We have Nigerian Dwarf kids available year round.

Our sire is a tricolor (mostly white) buck with blue eyes. All of our nannies are flash tricolor with blue eyes as well. 

Kids come dewormed and up to date on their CDT vaccines.

SOLD Bauer Farms Encore


Bauer Farms Laird Duncan

AHCA Registered Bull Calf. This guy has a lot of hair! Dam is a yellow AHCA cow with wide set, symmetrical horns. Carpenter Farm Tullia (52464) is an excellent mother and very docile cow. His sire is our fold sire LCF Laird Finley (59315).  Duncan will make an excellent addition to anyone's fold.



Bauer Farms Encore

Encore is an HHCA Registered Bull Calf (B-001752). Encore is a bottle calf due to his dam not producing (we never take a calf from their mother unless is it necessary for their survival!). He is a sweet, beautiful silver highland calf and sure to be an impressive fold bull for a lucky farm. 

His dam is a beautiful white highland with big, symmetrical horns. 

His sire is LCF Laird Finley is our dun fold sire with an impressive lineage of impact sires like; DH Montgomery and LEA Becket (Sire to Finley Falls Duncan - 10x Grand Champion of the NWSS and holds the title for the Highland Bull with the most show wins in the USA). 

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